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Hole pattern

Holes are distrubted every 20mm in each direction. No more random, useless holes on your robot



Plates can be 3D printed, CNC machined or laser cut. You can choose the material you want to use.


Design and reusability

Holes patter makes it easy to design any holder and modules for your robot. You can also reuse those that you already



The more rules there are the harder it is to adapt the platform to your needs. Projects get complicated and it's hard to stick to the design rules. Open Robotic Platform is about simplicity and versatility and that leads to easy implementation in various projects.

Pico Mars Rover
Educational platform
Arduino LIDAR Robot
CubeMars motors research platform
Overpowered Robot
CubeMars motors research platform


I am considering creating a centralized system for storing all the parts designed according to the rules on the website or using external services to make it more available. There are advantages to both methods, if you have any feedback or would like to share your thoughts, feel free to do that.

More info soon :)