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Below you can find al the cool projects built with ORP parts! Showcase is a place where you can get inspired by other projects but also see how powerful are the simple design rules used to create Open Robotic Platform. If you want your projects to be featured right here, let us know by email:

Autonomous race track navigation based on LIDAR, Arduino and machine learning

The curiosity of a bored student, who had acquired some knowledge about classifiers, sparked an idea: to create a robot capable of autonomously navigating a racetrack using a custom dataset collected through manual driving. The control of the robot is entrusted to a Random Forest classifier. This classifier was trained in Python and is running on an Arduino UNO R4. The robot's chassis is constructed using ORP parts.

ORP chassis - machine learning robot with LIDAR and Arduino UNO R4

Mini Mars Rover

Project built to experiment with the new Pi Pico W board and omni wheels. Created as an easy-to-build educational platform with the potential to be used in schools to teach robotics. It features an FPV camera, a robot arm, omni-directional driving capabilities, and plenty of mounting options thanks to ORP-based plates.

ORP chassis - Mini Mars Rover

LIDAR robot with Arduino and ORP

The robot was created to test the feasibility of using a LIDAR with an Arduino. ORP plates and mounts facilitated the design of custom holders for each component, which could be later repurposed for different projects. This initial iteration of the ORP system validated the concept and aided in the development of the system.

ORP chassis - LIDAR robot with an Arduino

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